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Volume 1 issue 1 2017

The first issue of Wound Central focuses on pressure ulceration. In one of the journal’s regular features, Donna Sardina’s Editorial explains how WCEI collaborated with JWC to produce this new publication, and what you can expect from each issue. Wound Words outlines the must-know terminology of the pressure care area, and the Apple Core section, which explores ‘how to’ fundamentals of wound care, provides a step-by-step guide to wound size measurement.

The Features section shares reviews on the most important aspects of pressure care, including: the underlying mechanisms of deep tissue injury and the factors that can contribute to its formation; the importance of hydration in wound healing from a clinical prospective; the importance of dressings in pressure ulcer prevention; and a patients’ thoughts on negative pressure wound therapy. This month’s issue also contains research on delayed healing, a study on the diagnosis and treatment of carcinomas at the site of pressure ulcers, and a case study using n-acetyl cysteine to aid pressure ulcer healing.